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This is the legacy support forum for WonderWebs customers. Please go to for current support options.

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Last Post 02/12/2019 4:57 PM by  testaddress
WonderWebs StoreFront
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02/12/2019 4:57 PM

    WonderWebs StoreFront

    Each store is configured differently, and you will have been given special instructions as necessary. However, the basic operations are the same and so we have added some instructions here.

    Add a product

    1. Go to Store Admin > Catalogue > Products
    2. Add New
    3. General Tab: Insert Name
    4. Description Tab: Insert Summary
    5. Category Tab:
      1. Display product at root level: Do not tick this unless you have been told to.
      2. Specify default category: Do this
      3. Categorise this product: Do this
      4. Save
    6. Gallery Tab:
      1. Add New
      2. Choose File: Find your image file
      3. Alternate Text: Copy the product name into this field
      4. Save & Return
      5. Add more images if desired
    7. Variant Tab:
      1. Base Price: Insert price with or without GST as necessary
      2. Click Save & Return
      3. Add another variant as desired - Only the name and price are required. 


    • Ask for help with adding multiple options or custom fields.
    • If you are renaming an existing product, you must also clear out the URL Name field on the SEO Tab. The store will generate a new URL when you save.

    This video demonstrates all of the above - Click to view on Youtube



    You are not authorized to post a reply.